What is the Mandril?

The Mandril Cultural and Political Centre is an open space for active participation in collective creative culture in Maastricht, the Netherlands. There are weekly events organized by many volunteers and there is the possibility for everyone to get involved. Some of the events that are already happening at the Mandril are jam sessions, theater and dance, yoga and massage, FreeSkool workshops, movies, presentations and discussion rounds.

This year, 2014, has been a difficult one for the Mandril. In April the beautiful squat at the Boschstraat 5 was evicted which obviously disrupted everything that the cultural centre was doing. You can read more about that time here. But with the effort of a few very hard working people the Mandril found a new home at Cabergerweg 45, an already existing squat also known as Kunst Front.  At the moment a lot of work is being done to revive the cultural centre and fix up the building in order to continue fostering cultural and political participation in Maastricht. About that you can also read more here.

To get to know the Mandril better, come by at Cabergerweg 45 in Maastricht during one of the events, have a look at our video and read through the manifesto

The most up to date information about the events are announced on the facebook page

For questions, feedback and suggestions you can talk to the volunteers at the events or write an email to info [at] mandril-maastricht.org

tea workshop