The Festival

We be celebrating Mandril’s 5 year existence, (hopefully) joined by everyone who has made this relatively short but beautiful project possible, dance with those who have enjoyed the space over the years and slowly prepare ourselves to face the imminent arrival of that which we call the Unknown..

We’re inherently in the beginning stages of setting this celebratory moment up. We would need all the hands, help, ideas, joy, colours, inputs, volunteers, workshops, circus freaks, freeskool lecturers, jumping castles, musical vibes and motivated tribes you have to offer. If you want to be part of this historically epic celebration, please contact us (search for a Mandrillian community member or fill in this form). If you’re courageous enough to take up an actual task, and organise this with us, you can additionally ask to be added to the planning committee group.

Funds are low, slow is the new way to go, we’ll celebrate no matter how high the snow, and all the donations collected during the festival will be poured into our next project at the Kunstfront – yo!

Finally, we’ll update you, this page and the virtual world with whatever information we can, as soon as possible. For now, suffice it to say that this is our first coming out: we’ll swing our way into and out of the 14th-16th of March with whatever flair we can spare!

The programme will be published here soonish! Keep an eye on the page for updates

Power to this planet’s positive people!